Going West

Our second collection "Going West" is dedicated to our original cowboy, Tim Hall.


Despite being born in Brooklyn, Tim found himself obsessed with cowboy culture and the wild west. After medical school, he left his city life behind and move to Colorado to start a family and his own practice. He quickly fell more in love with the western life style, and spent most of his free time riding horses, working on dude ranches, and going to rodeos. He always seemed to be the happiest when he was surrounded by his horses in wide open spaces. In 2009, he started his own production company that put on horse sorting events in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. Tim competed nationally in horse sorting, and placed third at a national level.

Growing up in Colorado, Négligé co-founders Avery Hall and Liam Allsopp found their own love for western culture. Avery spent most weekends riding her dad's horses in Sedalia while Liam  also grew up on a farm with chickens, horses, goats, and sheep.

In 2020 Tim was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Avery and Liam moved back to Colorado to take care of him and to spend the last special moments together. During this time, Avery and Liam's appreciation for the cowboy lifestyle returned. They started to find inspiration through Tim's wardrobe and horse gear. 

After the death of Tim Hall, the idea for the collection "Going West" became clear. Avery and Liam started doing research on the west. The strength and resilience they found in western wear became the focal point of the collection.  

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